I want to thank all of our fans, sponsors, volunteers and GM’s for a great Origins show this year!

Special thanks to our Show Co-Sponsor Mayfair Games, all out sponsors and exhibitors.

Your support and participation made this year another successful event!

Our attendance is up this year, with our final numbers at a whopping 11,573!

That is higher than last year and here is the trend:

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I really want to thank everyone for the way we handled Wednesday and the Fire. I could not have asked for a more cooperative crowd as we left the convention center. I really want to thank the Registration staff for making sure that everyone got generics for the games that were interrupted and to the convention center for providing free pizza and water for us after we got back inside!

I was very happy to see so many people enjoying themselves this year!

I want to thank all the sponsors again for helping us to make the show bigger and brighter with great advertising, prize support for game events and tons of support.

Thanks to everyone again and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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