1. Does this event “sell out”?

Theoretically Origins could sell out as we are limited by space but for all intents and purposes NO, Origins does not sell out. There will be a badge or ribbon for everyone that wants to attend.

2. Do the Ribbons sell out?

Ribbons also do not sell out.

3. Do events sell out?

Ticketed events can sell out due to limited space.

4. What if I show up outside of the hours posted for Registration?

Currently Origins limits it’s registration hours. Registration opens at 7am, one hour before the first scheduled events. If you arrive after registration closes you will need to pick up your items the next day.

5. Can I participate in a $0 event without a badge?

No. Participating in any official Origins event requires a badge or Day Pass ribbon.

6. Can I authorize a friend to pick it up for me? Perhaps with a copy of my identification?

If you contact Origins enough before the show we can make arrangements for someone to pick up your badge. They will need a copy of your identification.

Family members can pick up badges for the rest of their family.

GMs and Exhibitors can assign a person to pick up all the badges for their group/company.

7. Will Day Passes be available this year? What day(s)?

Origins will offer only the Family Day passes this year and only on Sunday, June 7. A family is up to 2 adults and 4 children (under 18).