2013 Origins Art Competition Winners

Best Amateur Digital Color WorkTina Bongorno – “A Mote of Warmth”
Best Game Related WorkTalon Dunning – “Mars Needs Steam!”
Best Digital MonochromaticLance T. Miller – “Absinthe Deck”
Best Professional Digital Color WorkTony Steele – “Mummy”
Best Traditional Color WorkJacob Walker – “Cursed Idol”
Best Traditional Monochromatic WorkTravis Lewis – “Uninvited” (Maleficent)
Best Traditional Science Fiction WorkHeather Kreiter – “Go Time!”
Best Digital Science Fiction WorkDouglas Bushong – “Her First Doll”
Best 3D or Mixed Media WorkDavid Lee Pancake – “Flagon With the Dragon”
Best Contemporary WorkNigel Sade – “Rock Bottom”
Best Fantasy WorkKelly Brightbill – “Unwelcome Visitors”


2012 Origins Art Competition Winners

Best 3D/Mixed ArtworkRen Hastings – Muirgheal
Best Fantasy-Digital ArtworkJessica Cox – The Wife; The Sun
Best Gaming Related ArtworkTalon Dunning – Tomb of Abysthor
Best Historical-ArtworkMartine Dowden – Chateau Chillon
Best Color-Digital ArtworkLorraine Schleter – Adventure!
Best Color-Traditional ArtworkAndy “Mother Lovin'” Hopp – Clifford the Big Red God
Best Contemporary ArtworkSarah Wilkinson – Parts of Me
Best Mono-Digital ArtworkMatthew Lee Keith – Oracle
Best Mono-Traditional ArtworkKelly Brightbill – All of my love
Best Sci-Fi-Digital ArtworkAvery Liell-Kok – Geronimo!


2011 Origins Art Competition Winners

Best Amateur Fantasy – Digital ArtworkDouglas Bushon
Best Amateur – 3D/Mixed ArtworkDavid Braun
Best Amateur Color ArtworkLorraine Schleter
Best Amateur Contemporary ArtworkLance T. Miller
Best Amateur Mono-Traditional ArtworkMatthew Keith
Best Contemporary ArtworkLance T. Miller
Best Overall ArtworkTalon Dunning
Best Professional 3D/Mixed ArtworkRen Hastings
Best Professional Fantasy-Digital ArtworkJeff Scott
Best Professional Gaming Related ArtworkTalon Dunning
Best Professional Historical-Digital ArtworkAvery Liell-Kok
Best Professional Color-Digital ArtworkAmul Kumar
Best Professional Color-Traditional ArtworkLorraine Schleter
Best Professional Contemporary ArtworkNigel Sade
Best Professional Mono-Traditional ArtworkTammy Pryce
Best Professional Sci-Fi-Traditional ArtworkBill Pulkovski


2010 Origins Art Competition Winners

Best ContemporaryLance T. Miller
Best Fantasy – DigitalAmul Kumar
Best 3D/Mixed MediaAlison Minor
Best Fantasy – TraditionalHeather Kreiter
Best ColorChristopher Pritchard
Best Game RelatedEcho Chernick
Best HistoricalKurt Miller
Best Mono – DigitalAlain Viesca
Best Mono – TraditionalAmy Ashbaugh
Best Sci-Fi – TraditionalJeff Carlise

Fan Favorite
1st – Echo Chernick – Tyger Tyger
2nd – Echo Chernick – Coy
3rd – Heather Kreiter – Infestation

Honorable Mention
Kelly Brightbill – Lava Dragon
Alain Viesca – Year of Snake