Origins Art Show

The Art Show, now featured in the Origins Exhibit Hall, showcases the talents of industry artists and provides artists an environment to sell their work and compete for awards.

Upgraded Play Events

Origins features an upgraded play program where attendees can play their favorite games with special guests, artists, and industry professionals. These are games chosen at random for attendees to play games with our guests.

Art College at OriginsThe Art College was created to give gamers an opportunity to explore their creative side and experience the art behind games. The Art College gives Origins attendees the opportunity to learn different gaming related art forms directly from artists in the industry

The Art College offers a full schedule of classes during the Origins Game Fair for varying registration fees depending on the class.

Artists’ Program Classes

Our Artists’ Program allows artists to have a booth at Origins for a discounted price. Part of the artist agreement is that they teach at least one class in the Art College. This provides attendees the opportunity to meet with and learn from established artists in the industry.

Origins Art College

The Art College allows artists to share their expertise with attendees. Artists can teach classes ranging from miniature painting and terrain building to drawing and costuming. Those teaching in the Art College may set the price for their classes in order to be properly compensated for time, materials, and level of expertise.

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Event Submission Forms

Teaching Hours and Benefits*

Those who teach art classes will be classified as a GM and entitled to all the benefits that Origins Game Masters receive. Every hour of class session time counts as 2 hours of GM time. To earn a free badge an instructor would need to teach 4 two-hour classes for a total of eight hours of class session time (16 hours GM time).

To earn free room space (4 GMs per room or $60 in vouchers*) and a free badge, you would need to teach 8 two-hour classes, for a total of sixteen hours of class session time (32 hours GM time). Classes are in 2 hour blocks (including set up and clean up time) with 10-12 student minimums. Exceptions may be made, but must have prior approval from the Dean of the Art College.

* This does not apply to those in the Artists’ Program

Material Expenses and Class Prices

The instructor must provide all materials and handouts for lessons. To cover this expense and to also receive appropriate payment for time and expertise, artists may upcharge the event. GAMA will receive $2 (one generic token) for each event, but the instructor is entitled to any additional costs for the class. Payment for classes will be delivered within 60 days of the end of Origins 2013.

Classes in the past have been priced between $10 and $14 with good attendance. Keep in mind the cost of materials you will be supplying and also that generic tokens are in $2 increments so classes must be priced in even dollar amounts.

Class Topics

The Art College is looking to offer new classes in many specialties. In the past we’ve had classes on miniature painting, sculpting, terrain building, cartography, drawing, and painting. We’re looking to build our fine arts program outside of miniature based art. Any and all class suggestions are welcome from beginner to advanced classes. Attendees are most interested in classes with provided materials and a take away piece of work upon completion.

For more information or to sign up to teach at the Art College, please contact artshow(at)