Origins Art Show

Origins has always been proud of its artists, showcasing the talents of industry professional and amateur artists alike. You can visit the Origins Art Show—the highlight of the Origins Art Expo–in the Exhibit Hall, Hall C. Many featured artists will be present to talk over their pieces with you, sell you some of their work, or put together a composition  of your favorite character or monster on the spot to take home.

Art Competition

Each year we feature the Art Competition, where professionals and amateurs may compete and be judged in the following categories: Best Historical, Best Fantasy, Best Science Fiction, Best Game-Related, Best Color, Best Three-Dimensional/Mixed Media, Best Monochromatic, and of course, Best of Show. Amateurs and professionals will be awarded separate First, Second, Third awards. Ballots will be available onsite and the panel of expert judges will be comprised of guest artists and industry experts.

Origins Art Expo Featured Artists

UrbachCallOfAdventureCharles Urbach: Origins Artist Guest of Honor for 2013 Charles is a writer and artist with 20 years of work in design, publishing, and illustration. He began work in graphic design in 1991, just as the technology of design was moving away from traditional cut and paste techniques into digital technologies. While working nights for regional newspapers across New York State, he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts illustration. By blending techniques learned in the academic and professional worlds, Charles developed a unique approach to artwork that combines the technology of digital image manipulation with traditional fine arts media and techniques. The result of those explorations is hand drawn artwork that is edited and enhanced digitally, taking full advantage of the effects and versatility afforded by technology, while remaining true to fine arts concerns.

For more information on Charles and his artwork visit: or on Facebook at:

justuntilicanaffordtobehappy16x20Nigel Sade: Nigel was born on a bright and sunny day nearly to some, and exactly to others, 40 years after D-day. Some consider this meaningful whilst the rest laugh at those people, but I digress. He Dreamt of being an artist but that was not a real job … how could you feed a family with that pipe dream? He learned and waited and he set out on the high seas of art! His art is in form is Symbolism (like Surrealism) and in function it questions basic ideas we hold dear as a people. It is mostly driven by philosophical motifs and just plain old strangeness. Nigel’s belief is that art should spur conversation, not just match ones curtains. Now you may ask, “What does all this have to do with piracy?” Well, he was always a grungy, bandana wearin freak. His family was and is highly Piratical What with their last name Rogers all the family businesses are Jolly Roger this and Jolly Roger that … Not to mention their propensity for Rum. So with his families’ nautical background and the new Pirate craze, the public proclaimed him a pirate, and a pirate he was. Yet, having always loved pirates, one can say Nigel got peanut butter in his chocolate! Check out his website at

1ValueofBeauty13x19-206x300Sarah Wilkinson: Sarah has been professionally working in the trading card/comic book industry for over 9 years. Her first job was for Topps and Lucasfilm,designing sketch cards for the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie trading card set. She was one of the youngest artists to bean officially approved Lucasfilm artist.

Since then, she has worked on many properties in the trading card world, including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Dr. Who, Bettie Page, Marvel and DC Comics properties including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and MANY more.

Her art has been used on comic book covers, as comic book pinups, story illustrations, children’s Halloween masks, children’s books, even remote control cars and toys for Disney.

Currently, Sarah has been reinvigorated in her pursuits as an artist. She switched from acrylics to oils and is currently developing her fine art body of work, while also still working with properties. Sarah can also be called a crazy cat lady and a foodie! See more of Sarah’s work at

BgMechephantBill Stolpin: Bill earned a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (GMI), now known as Kettering University. He also holds an Associate of Arts degree from Mott Community College. A printmaker for over 50 years, he has studied lithography with internationally known artists Emil Weddige and Robert A. Nelson and relief printing with reknowned Japanese artist Akira Kurosaki. In addition to regional collections, Stolpin is represented in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space museum, corporate collections such as the Boeing Corporation, and other diverse collections such as the British Interplanetary Society and the National Trust in London, England. See more of Bill’s work at

cynthia kirk

Cynthia Kirk: 7th generation buckeye. Self taught artist. love the pencil. Having fun living life.



Martine DowdenMartine Dowden: For every island there is a treasure, and for every treasure there is a pirate, just as for every land there is a castle, a princess, or maybe even a dragon. All those once-upon-a-times are mirrors of our lives, but we have forgotten the happy ever-afters. And so, with my art, I try to bring back the magic that makes it all go round.

My art is a window into my idealized fantastic world, where mythical creatures are common place and natural laws can be suspended, inspired by history, mythology, and folk lore. It shows the mythical and supernatural and then tie it in with the natural by also incorporating beauty found all around us.

To reveal this fantastic world I use paint and ink, and have recently started playing with photography. For pieces with a lot of emotion or movement I tend to prefer oil and acrylic on canvas. In contrast, when depicting something for its details, and needing more accuracy, I gravitate towards Ink and watercolor on paper. These are usually much more realistic, delicate and true to life than their acrylic and oil counterparts. Regardless of the media or style, all my paintings are illustrations of a story, dreams, or moment captured in time.

By sharing my imaginary world through art I hope to bring a little bit of magic and beauty to the world around me.

David Lee PancakeDavid Lee Pancake: David’sculptures and illustrations represent a varied and unique repertoire of his personal interests. He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, risqué angels, abstracts and horror sculptures and paintings. His talent expresses equally in clay or canvas. David loves to play with textures in his sculptures and his attention to detail is revealed in his careful application of dragon scales and feathers. He states: “I love detail and texture. Angels, dragons and other mythical creatures allow me the freedom to play with the clay and bring to life what’s inside my head.”

David’s work captures a flight of fancy, freezes the imagination’s most soaring dream, and brings it to terra firma for our pleasure and admiration. The fantasy creations of David Lee Pancake are gracing homes all over the world and we are sure you wont forget his name.

Websites: and

Douglas-Bushong-imageDouglas Bushong: is an instructional designer, gaming evangelist, and animator. He uses 3D animation software to produce 2D/3D stereoscopic artwork and videos. He accepts commissions for full color images of your character at reasonable rates during the show. He has shown his work at the Origins Game Fair since 2010.”