Origins Club 

The Clubs and Organizations Program is our way of recognizing gaming groups around the world who are involved with playing and promoting social games. To support our loyal fans and game masters, we offer the Club Program at Origins Game Fair. 

Download your Origins Club Application here

What do I get for registering my Club or Group?

  1. Discounts on Origins Game Fair Badges:
    • Each registered club member will get a discount of $30 on their badge.
  2. The ability to pool benefits as a group between volunteer hours and GM hours.
  3. We require the group to run events or volunteer at the show. We will allow the group to earn Game Master (GM) benefits as an organization as opposed to an individual (GM benefits downloaded)
  4. Recognition for your group in the Origins on-site book
    • Each year we dedicate a page in the Origins on-site book to our loyal clubs and organizations, provided we receive your club materials and make sure you have registered your events by April 2.
  5. Origins will be offering club badges on-site again this year to club members included on their membership lists. Membership lists must be submitted/updated by May 1 for this year’s Origins.

What do I have to do to register my Club or Group?

  1. It’s Easy!
  • Complete your Club Application above
  • Send in a list of members (minimum of 8 members).

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

What are the Rules & Requirements for my club?

  1. Your club must run events or provide volunteers to help at the show.
  2. All clubs must follow the Origins GM requirements for the event.
  3. Please remember that attendees using the “Day Pass” wristbands are permitted to play games by buying in with generic tokens only.
  4. Remember that your club or organization may only bring games into the convention center that you or a member is scheduled to run. * Product giveaways or prize support MUST have GAMA Staff approval before you may bring it into the show. Call the GAMA Office at (614) 255-4500 if you have any questions.
  5. Clubs & Organizations are not to solicit companies at the show.

What can my Club do to help the convention?

  1. Make sure you submit events by the April 2 deadline!
  2. Share your ideas!
    • Most of the great ideas that we have embraced at the show have come from our fans, so let us know if you see a way for us to improve our event. Be constructive.
    • Join us on social media and tell your friends!

Buying Your Club Badge
Club members are responsible for making sure their club is registered with Origins. GAMA MUST have received your club’s application (this includes a current membership list, events and/or volunteer hours, and club logo if applicable). Once GAMA receives all necessary information we will issue a Coupon Code to your club which will discount a full show badge. For club members wishing to use the online registration system choose the full show badge option. Club members must include your club name on the Company line of the online registration form.