2019 Event Submission
Event Submission is now closed.

Event Submissions for Origins 2019 closed at 5pm ET on March 22nd.

If you need assistance with your submitted events, please contact events@gama.org

Event Submission Instructions

Step 1: Click “Submit Your Events Here” above, create a log in, or sign in if you have already created a username.
If you are adding upcharges to your events, be sure to choose “Yes” on the sign-up page and fill out the payee information. Upcharges are subject to approval by the GAMA staff.

Step 2: If you are submitting a bulk submission, follow the instructions at the top of the submission page to download the spreadsheet; otherwise, continue down the page to submit a single event.
Please be sure to read the helpful pop-up windows within the spreadsheet. They will let you know if a cell is mandatory and what a cell needs (e.g. – the Upcharge Request cells will only accept numbers, and if the number is not even I will have to reject the event).

Step 3: If you are submitting a single event, review the information and submit the event; otherwise, use the “Event Home Page”  add new events, delete events, or update your general information.

Special Note to Help You with Formatting!
When using the “copy-paste” function in Excel, please be sure to use the Paste Values option. This ensures that the formatting in the spreadsheet will remain while accepting your pasted text.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our event submission process, email Paul McGraw at events@gama.org

Event Exclusivity

This year we extended the exclusivity policy for companies so that it will also cover their events. They were able to choose one of four levels:

  1. Complete – Only the company can run any events for all of their product lines.
  2. Delegated – Only a single entity can run any events for all of their product lines.
  3. Partial – Anyone can run event for all the companies titles except a selected few. (Requires a list)
  4. Tournament – Only the company can run tournaments for their products.

To download the list of companies that requested event exclusivity, click the button below. If a company or a specific title is not present on the list , then they have chosen not to exercise event exclusivity. Leaving some or all of their titles open to anyone wishing to run them.  

GM Responsibilities

Interested in becoming a GM at Origins? A GM, also known as a game master, is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a game. GMs are an integral part of providing the Origins attendee with a positive experience. Here’s what you need to know to become a GM:

Attendee Participation
There are a couple methods for attendees to enter the show, but everyone must have one of the following:

  • Origins Badges: There are many kinds of badges, but the most prominent one is the full show badge. Most badges have the day they cover displayed at the bottom of the badge; otherwise, it will display the badge type. If a badge type is noted instead of the days covered, the badge will cover all days of the show.
  • Origins Family Day Pass (Sunday only): We encourage families to see what Origins is all about. These attendees will have our regular badge, but they will have the word Sunday in large letters across the front. A customer with a Day Pass may play in ticketed events with generic tokens only.

Please be on the lookout for people without badges at your events. Do not seat anyone who does not have the appropriate Badge visible.

We need your cooperation on following the rules for the day pass. For some, this may be their first convention, and they may not know how things work. Help us create a whole wave of new gamers! If someone with a day pass wants to play in your game, but doesn’t have tickets, ribbons or generics, help them out by directing them to an Event Information booth or Registration to purchase some.

Origins Event Attendance Record Sheets
In the packet handed to you, or your club representative, there will be several quarter-page Origins Event Attendance Records slips. It is vital that you fill out and return your slip to the Event HQ for your area. Origins is a big event, to properly use our space, we need you to use the Event Attendance Record Sheets for every individual event that you run. This is our way of tracking your numbers for your events.

The data helps us in two ways:
1) Space: We need to be able to accurately allocate enough space for events. Since space is finite, we must use a fair check and balance for everyone. 
2) Fill Rates: You work hard to prepare and run your events at Origins, so let’s make sure you get credit. If you don’t have accurate records or don’t fill out your forms, it may look to us like your events aren’t doing well. This can affect the number of events we approve for you and your group next year.

Your feedback is important to us. There will be surveys located at the GM/Event HQ during the show. Please take a minute to fill one out and let us know how we’re doing. 

Origins GM Checklist
Read and follow the valuable information on the GM Checklist below outlining the policies and procedures that apply to all Event Organizers and Game Masters (GMs). Make sure you understand all this information before you run your first event. If you have any questions, please contact the Event Coordinator via email events@gama.org. Remember, the Headquarter Area Managers are there to assist you during the show as well.

  • You will need to find the Event Information booth for the various areas where you are running games. In each hall, they are located on risers, and in other areas of the show you can find them in the hallway. This is your first stop for any questions or problems. Get to know your Event Information Area Managers and the volunteer staff, they are here to help you. If you have a problem with the Hall HQ personnel, bring your issue to the GM/Event HQ near registration and ask to speak with an Origins Staff Member.
  • Make sure you know where the Event Desk is near registration
    If you don’t know, ask! The Event Desk is where you will go for help when GM/event questions you have can’t be answered by the event info booth. 
  • Show up on time for your events
    Attendees have chosen to schedule their limited time at the show playing your game. It is important you show them the same commitment. 
  • Run Your Games
    If you need to make last-minute cancellations, you must contact the event staff immediately and work with them to get it handled. If you simply fail to show up, this can result in penalties at the discretion of the GAMA Event Coordinator, to include loss of volunteer benefits and your badge. We understand that things happen, but you must communicate with us.

Priority for Seating Games

  1. Event Tickets-Be sure to wait at least seven minutes for ticket holders to arrive. In the case where you’ve sat someone with ribbons or generics and a ticketed player arrives after the seven minute grace period and your event is full, you will need to politely inform them that they have missed the event. If there are any problems, contact the Event Information staff and let them resolve it.
  2. Attendees with Ribbons
  3. Attendees with Generic Tokens

You are still the one of most important parts of any attendee’s experience. They are here to play games; therefore, you have the most direct contact with them. Please be courteous and fair to all participants, and help us create a fun and welcoming community of gamers.

Origins is an evolving show and things change each year. Though we do our best to honor traditions and long-standing expectations, “it’s always been this way” is not a rule. Please cooperate with all instructions given to you by our volunteer staff, and never engage in arguments in front of attendees. If you have any problems at all, you can always come to Gm Event HQ near registration and we can get it resolved.

Demo Games are only to be run by companies at a booth in the exhibit hall or spaces designated in a sponsorship agreement. Demo games should not be listed on the event schedule and are to be free to attendees. Demos are games that are shown to the perspective buyer to allow them to understand the game mechanics they do not constitute a full session of the game. This does not include games run for beginners, where rules are taught, but are played to their conclusion.

Safety & Security
Our staff and security team can’t be everywhere, so we rely upon you to be our eyes and ears. If an issue arises, (disputes with a player, lost or misplaced property, etc.) please do not try to handle it yourself. Inform the nearest Event HQ or an Origins Staff member or Security Personnel.

Lost & Found
Lost items can be turned in and picked-up at the Origins Show Office.

First Aid
If someone needs general first aid, there is a First Aid Station next to the show office behind Registration.

Medical Emergency Procedure
Events in Hyatt Regency- Call 911 and notify the Event HQ

Events in Crown Plaza-Call 911 and notify the Event HQ
Events in Convention Center- Call Convention Center security at (614) 827-2547 and notify Origins staff/volunteers. Do NOT Call 911.
With the size of the convention center, there is a separate emergency response system to contact authorities. Please refer to the sheet in your GM Packet for these instructions. 

Game Master Compensation Calculation Information
GMs running at least 16 event hours earn a free show badge. GMs running at least 32 event hours earn a free show badge and choice from the following compensation:

  • 1/4 hotel room – from Wednesday night to Sunday morning (shared with other GMs)
  • $60 in vouchers
  • Electric drop for your event area if applicable
  • Extra show badge
  • East lot parking pass

GMs and gaming clubs can combine their total event hours and volunteer hours to earn compensation.

Demo Games 
Demo games are only to be run either at a booth in the exhibit hall or a space designated in a sponsorship agreement. Demo games should not be listed on the event schedule and are to be free to attendees. Demos are games that are shown to the perspective buyer to allow them to understand the game mechanics, they do not constitute a “full” session of the game. This does not include games run for beginners, where rules are taught, but are played to their conclusion.
Events that do not run 
Origins is happy to provide GMs with compensation for the time they spend supporting our show. Currently, Origins policy is to credit GMs before the show for events submitted and accepted. To make the approach work optimally for all concerned, when a scheduled event does not run, the GM is responsible to check in at the area headquarters. GMs may be asked to assistin other ways during the period in which their event would have run.

To calculate your event hours at Origins, us the following formula:
Event Duration x Multiplier = Event Hours
To determine your multiplier, find the category for your events on the chart below and index the number of players with the multiplier column.

Multiplier RPG Miniature Tabletop CCG/TCG LARP Seminar
0.5 1-4 x 1-2 1-4 x x
1 5-10 1-4 3-6 5-8 1-6 x
1.5 x x 7-12 9-16 x x
2 11-20 5-8 13-20 17-32 7-12 x
2.5 x x 21-30 33-64 x x
3 21-30 9-12 31-50 65-128 13-18 x
3.5 x x 51-100 129-250 x x
4 31-50 13-20 101+ 250+ 19-24 1-100+
4.5 x x x x x x
5 51-100 21-30 x x 25-35 x
5.5 x x x x x x
6 101-200 31-50 x x 36-50 x
6.5 x x x x x x
7 201+ 51-100 x x 51-75 x
7.5 x x x x x x
8 x 101+ x x 76-100 x
8.5 x x x x x x
9 x x x x 101-150 x
9.5 x x x x x x
10 x x x x 151+ x
10.5 x x x x x x