Event Submission Starts Here!

Download the Event Submission spreadsheet and organize your events. To submit your events, you will be able to upload your completed sreadsheet on this page beginning September 1st. The deadline for submitting events for the 2017 Origins Game Fair is March 1st, 2017.

Origins 2017

GM Event Submission Opens September 1st 


Submit your Event Spreadsheet using the form below. DO NOT SEND YOUR EVENT SUBMISSION FORM VIA EMAIL! Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

crit-dieThe Event Submission Form will be available beginning September 1st.

Your earliest submission time is determined by the date the bulk of your events are received. Please make an effort to send as complete a list of events as possible.

GM Information

Submitting Events

To submit events for Origins, download the Event Submission Spreadsheet at the top of this page and add your events. Do not alter the sheet in any way, other than adding your event details to the appropriate cells.

Once you have finished compiling the events for you or your group, fill out the form above and upload your completed spreadsheet. Do not send your spreadsheet in an email.

It may take up to 30 days before you are contacted regarding your events, depending upon the volume of submissions.

NEW for 2017!   No events will be scheduled for times before noon on Weds. June 14. Any events submitted with a start time before noon on Weds will need to be rescheduled and resubmitted. 

Calculating Compensation

GMs running at least 16 Event Hours earn a free Show Badge. GMs running at least 32 Event Hours earn a free Show Badge and choice from the following compensation:

  • 1/4 hotel room – from Wednesday night to Sunday morning (shared with other GMs)
  • $60 in vouchers
  • Electric drop for your event area
  • Extra Show Badge

GM groups and Clubs combine their total Event Hours and earn benefits as a group.

NEW for 2017!  GMs will be able to pick up their badges at registration on Tuesday evening. This is for GM badges only, non-GM badges will not be available until registration opens on Wednesday. Pickup times will be announced before the show.

Find out how to calculate your Event Hours. . .