Kid’s Program: Kids Track events must be games geared specifically to children with subject matter that is attractive to children. (As an example, while many games are for ages 12 and up, my son latched on immediately to Legendary because of the super hero theme.) Games like Hey, That’s My Fish! or Hike are easy enough for younger kids and also have artwork and subject matter that is more kid friendly. The players should be kids, and you should assume you will need to moderate (and maybe teach) the game. These games are scheduled in the kids room for children and their parents/guardians.

Monsters: Our theme for this year. Your event should be monster heavy to be included in this track. These events will be played in the normal location for the event type.

Newcomer’s Program:

Origins After Dark: Events should not start until 6pm. These events will be run in the Origins After Dark area and entry will be restricted to 18+. After Dark events can have an adult theme with some restrictions. Nudity, or intimate physical contact, including consensual are not allowed.

Spouse & Family Program: These events may be gaming related but not necessarily games. Past events have included crocheting and knitting classes, wine tasting, and belly dancing.

Teacher’s Hall Pass:

Premier Track: For soon to be games the Premier Track brings together those that want to show their new creations to the gaming populace. Whether looking for playtesters or draw attention to a crowdfunding campaign.