PageLines- game.pngDue to an overwhelming number of requests, we’re bringing back the Premier Track. This track will be available for people who have unpublished games/expansions that they wish to playtest, demonstrate or show to the public at Origins. Here are the details:

  • Premier Track events will be held in Terrace Ballroom 4 from 8am to 3pm Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Events can be scheduled, but scheduling is not required. Unscheduled games can use any open table available but must move if an event is scheduled for that table.
  • No selling is allowed in this room. Companies/persons that wish to sell (or pre-sell) items must do so in a booth in the exhibitor hall.
  • Origins will not charge for companies/persons that wish to run games in the Premier Track area.
  • No GM compensation will be paid out. Upcharges are not allowed on events run in the Premier Track area.
  • Unpublished games ¬†must be run in the Premier Track area.
  • Playtest, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding scenarios are fine for the Premier Track area.
  • This is an open room and does not include space for private playtesting.

Information on submitting events and submission forms can be found on this site’s Game Masters page.

Questions can be directed to