Join us and our special guest judges for the 2015 Origins Costume Contest! We will be judging the best costumes in five categories:

  1. Kids
  2. Sci-Fi
  3. Fantasy
  4. Movies/TV
  5. Gaming Related
  6. Best Group



1. Please arrive early before the contest starts to receive instructions.

2. Please listen carefully to the directions given by the convention volunteers and be respectful to your fellow contestants.

3. Each contestant will have 60 seconds to perform on stage. You do not have to use the entirety of the 60 seconds if you do not wish. This is your time to shine, so make the best of it.

4. Group entrants will be granted an additional 60 seconds per person, not to exceed 5 minutes. For example, two participants would be granted two minutes, three persons would be granted three minutes, and so forth.

5. “Skits” are allowed but not mandatory.

6. During the performance portion of the contest, Origins Game Fair will not accept lighting effect requests, such as turning off or dimming the stage lights.

7. Pictures and video of the participants will be taken during the performance portion of the judging process. These pictures and video are the property of Origins Game Fair and may be used for the advertising and promotion of future events and contests.

Pre-Registration for the Costume Contest is now closed.