Located in Grand Ballroom 3

Origins has a long tradition of supporting our attendees and one of those events is the Auction.

Sellers choose where to list each item (Silent or Live Auction) and attendees can have fun bidding and buying slightly used games! Each bidder must register and receive a bid card to participate in either auction, but attending and bidding on the auction items is free, so be sure to stop in both days and catch all the action!

This year’s auction will once again be two exciting events: The Silent Auction will take place on Friday; then we will hold a Live Auction on Saturday.

Silent Auction (Grand Ballroom 3) – Friday, bidding will be from noon to 8pm

Stop by as many times all during the day and bid on as many items as you like! Starting at 7pm, we will begin to see fast rounds of bidding as buyers try to get in their best and final bids. At 8pm we will close for a bit to get the items sorted and ready for pick-up. Then to the winners go the spoils!

We plan on opening back up around 9 pm so you can pick up the things you won. All items must be picked up Friday night, so make sure you come back between 9 and 10 pm to find out what you’ve won. You might be surprised! Buyers who set up tabs may be able to make special pick-up arrangements. Just talk to us!

Live Auction (Grand Ballroom 3) – Saturday, 10am to 6pm (end time estimated)

The live auction is for one day only, so don’t miss it! The auction starts promptly at 10 am and go until we run out of items! We are estimating the auction will go until around 6 pm, but it may end early or late depending on volume.

The Live Auction will be arranged by category. The day’s schedule posted onsite so you know when to look for the games you are interested in, or just come spend the day with us, and you’ll see lots of great stuff!

Items must be paid for as they are won unless you open a tab. All tabs must be cleared out before 7pm.

Attention Sellers!

If you would like to sell items in either auction, please contact us at mailto:auction@gama.org for a seller number.

Remember, each auction is one day only!  The number of items we can accept is limited. Please keep registered items to 25-30 per seller. However, if you have a larger number of items that you want to sell, please contact us!

We will have blank slips available for onsite registration, but we encourage people to complete all their forms in advance to save time. You can type in the information and print the forms complete, or print the blank form and then fill it out by hand. It’s completely up to you. The forms you need are:

  1. Seller Item List -  a master list of all the items you are bringing to sell
  2. Item Tags – small tags attached to each item you are selling in the Live Auction
  3. Bid Slips – full page tags for all items you are selling in the Silent Auction

Check the Seller Instruction sheet for tips on filling out the forms.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by email at auction@gama.org

Silent Auction Seller Fees 

Item Registration Fee     $1.00    This fee is non-refundable.

Live Auction Seller Fees

Item Registration Fee     $1.00    This fee is non-refundable.
Live Auction Commission      15% of the sale price

Item Registration

Items you are bringing in to sell should be dropped off onsite at Origins in Grand Ballroom 3.

Wednesday       Noon – 6pm
Thursday           8am – 12 noon / 2 pm – 6 pm

If these intake hours do not fit your schedule, please contact us!

Payouts & Unsold Item Pick-up

Sunday      8am – 12 noon

Payouts must be picked up by noon unless you make special arrangements with us before the auction closes on Friday.  Items not picked up by that time will become the property of GAMA.


Send all your auction questions or comments to auction@gama.org.