Smithee-logo-transSMITHEE AWARDS™ XXIII:


With all the horrible movies out there, we Smith-ka-teers™ could have stretched this year’s Smithee Awards into three ceremonies…but since we don’t make any money off this thing, we decided to keep it to the usual, approximately 5-hour-long ordeal.  That is, if “usual” can be applied to the Smithees:  Imagine five so-Bad-they’re-awesome film clips vying for supremacy in each of 19 weird and wonderful categories!  There will be impossible escapes (aka Deus ex Machina)—but they doubtless won’t be during a crazy waterborne battle atop careening kegs.  There will be continuity errors (aka “Whoops!”)—but unlikely because squads of creatures known to be repelled by sunlight are on the hunt at high noon.  There will be disbelief (aka “WHAT?!”)—but it won’t necessarily be from someone surfing a river of molten metal.  There will be foolhardiness (aka Acting Appropriately Stupid)—but perhaps not due to the allegedly wisest person in the realm deciding to single-handedly infiltrate the omnipotent enemy’s citadel.  And there will be tears—but probably not from the guy to your left, the strident fan of the original source material who’s quietly sobbing into his popcorn.  This source material has no fans, strident or otherwise.

So join us on Friday the 13th (Coincidence?  I think not!) in Terrace Ballroom 5, from 7:00pm until about midnight, for THE 23rd ANNUAL SMITHEE AWARDS!

And bring your friends.  They’ll thank you for draggin’ them along.

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