You know you want it:  It’s the 24th Anal—ANNUAL (I meant annual)—Smithee Awards!  The Smith-ka-teers submit to you have returned with an all-new riding crop (stop that) of scandalously Bad movies, subject to your approval.  The ceremony contains 69 NINETEEN outlandish categories—but it’s the voting audience who has total control over the wein (cut it out!) winners.  YOU decide which of the five so-bad-they’re-hilarious clips beats the others ends up on top in such categories as Most Ludicrous Premise, The Oblivious Award, “Wanna Run That By Me Again?”, “Cutting Butter with a Chainsaw,” and Worst Picture.  [Not to mention “Let’s Up the Rating to ‘R.’”]  You’ll have a ball at an evening chock-full of gags jokes, prize giveaways, and film clips so outrageous they’ll bring you to your knees!

It’s all going down happening at 7:00pm on Friday, in Terrace Ballroom 5.  It lasts about five hours [you wish] (quit it!), so you can come whenever you please, as many times as you like [that’s what she said] (grr!).  And be sure to rope in bring lots of your friends; it’s more fun that way.

Mr. Smithee will see you now then.

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 “What ARE “The Smithee Awards?”

The Smithee Awards, or “Smithees,” is an annual ceremony which celebrates Bad Cinema. In principle, it’s sort of the Anti-Oscars, though in practice it’s more like the Anti-People’s-Choice-Awards. A number of films are so “honored” each year, and there are nineteen categories in which a movie might win.Some distinguishing characteristics to help you get the flavor of things: We limit ourselves to titles available on home video, and year-of-release is irrelevant. We clip the films for you; this means you’re not forced to watch the whole movie, only the best bits. There are five clips per category, during which we tend to withhold comment and allow the film to speak for itself (though an occasional gut-reaction may slip out). Oh, and the voting audience, not we, are the final arbiters as to who takes the prize (so there can be no possibility of anything being rigged).Not many people actually get a statuette, since thus far only two have claimed their Smithee. Can’t imagine why.


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