Special Guests

Thank you to our wonderful 2016 guests!

(Special Guests will be in attendance Fri., Sat. and Sun. only)

Darren Dunstan:

DARREN DUNSTAN is an actor, voice director, casting director, singer and pianist. As a voice actor, he has worked on dozens of shows including YuGiOh! (Pegasus), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Splinter), Chaotic (Kaz) and P.K. Duckling (Arma Dillo). Darren has directed YuGiOh! 5Ds, Pokémon, Rick and Steve, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is currently voice director for YuGiOh! Arc V and Welcome to the Wayne at Nickelodeon. He has also performed extensively in North America as a stage actor, singer and pianist. Darren is originally from Toronto and lives in New York.




Wayne Grayson:

WAYNE GRAYSON is a New York-based voiceover artist who has been working professionally for over 20 years. Best known as the voices of Joey on the original Yu-gi-Oh! and Michelangelo on the 4Kids version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he has also provided voices for Pokemon, Octonauts, the other versions of Yu-gi-Oh!, and several audiobooks, video games, commercials, and other animated programs of varying degrees of quality and clarity. Also an accomplished stage actor, he appears frequently on the indie NY theatre scene. A life-long comic book collector and enthusiastic Browncoat, he lives in upper Manhattan with his wife and two awesome children.

Special Guest Schedule:

Costume Contest  Saturday (6/18)  2:00 pm

 Q & A  Saturday (6/18)  6:00 pm (Free Event in the Anime Area)


Saturday (6/18)

10:00 – 12:00  In the Celebrity Booth – Exhibit Hall Booth #134


Sunday (6/7)

Our special guests can be found in the Konami area (Battelle Hall) for events all day on Sunday!


Guests of Honor: 

(Guests of Honor are in attendance Thurs – Sun)

Larry Bond:

(Author Guest)

Larry Bond is an American author and game designer. Examples of his numerous novels include Dangerous Ground, Day of Wrath, The Enemy Within, Cauldron, Vortex and Red Phoenix. He also co-authored Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy.

He has also co-designed the Admiralty Trilogy series games, which include Harpoon, Command at Sea, and Fear God & Dreadnought. All three have won industry awards. Larry’s Harpoon gaming system was first published in 1980. Designed as a general-purpose air, surface, and submarine naval simulation, it combines playability with a wealth of information on modern naval weapons systems. Designed for the entry-level player, it has found acceptance in both the commercial market and the professional naval community. It is used at the Naval Academy, several ROTC installations, and on several surface ships as a training aid.

Larry Bond’s Schedule:

Guest of Honor Presentation –  Thurs (6/16)  2:00 pm – Author’s Track ( Hilton 1st Floor)

Story Hour and Q&A –  Fri ( 6/17)  3:00 pm – Author’s Track ( Hilton 1st Floor)

Q & A  – Saturday (6/18)  12:00 pm – Author’s Track (Hilton 1st Floor)



Sam Flegal:

(Artist Guest)

Sam Flegal has been a freelance Illustrator since 2009. Working for book covers, hobby games, movie concept art, the History Channel, and private collectors, Sam loves to focus on exaggerated expressions and vibrant colors. Sam’s preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam also has a deep love for Norse Mythology. In his personal work Sam depicts scenes from Norse Lore, a series he calls “Fateful Signs.” Recently Sam has had great success with “The Illustrated Hávamál,” a 104-page book that explores the meaning behind an ancient collection of Norse wisdom through a series of meditative ink drawings. Sam’s work from “Fateful Signs” was featured in the History Channel show True Monsters.

Sam Flegal’s clients include Paramount Pictures, History Channel, AEG, Fantasy Flight, Hero Games, 3Some Games, Lone Wander, & Eagle Games. He’s worked on titles like Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Warhammer 40K, Legend of the Five Rings, and Fantasy Hero Complete. Sam won Best Warrior and Best 2D at Dragoncon 2015, Best Color Work at Origins Game Fair 2015, 1st place in the Gen Con 2014 Art Show, Best 2D in the 2014 Liberty Con Art Show, the Jordan Con 2014 Judges’ Choice Award, and the Gen Con 2012 Juror’s Choice Award. His work was included in the fantastic art collection, Infected by Art Volume 2, and Volume 3.

Sam can be found in the Art Expo (Exhibit Hall) at Booth #545!