Guests of Honor

 Guest of Honor:
Eric Lang
Eric M. Lang (born 1972) is a prolific game designer based in Singapore. Over the last 20 years, he has designed over 100 board and card games, including the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, Chaos in the Old WorldA Game of Thrones: The Card GameDice MastersStar Wars: The Card Game, and XCOM: The Board Game, as well as digital games such as Duelyst. He is the recipient of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming (2016), two Dice Tower Awards, and five Origins Awards. Throughout his career, Eric has consulted for the top companies in the game industry, including: Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards of the Coast, WizKids, Mattel, AEG, and CMON.

In 2017, CMON hired Eric as their Director of Game Design, continuing their already close relationship. With CMON, Eric has designed a variety of different board games including Rising Sun, Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest, The Godfather: Corleone’s EmpireBloodborne: The Card Game, and A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. As the Director of Game Design Eric is cultivating CMON’s future library of games by working with various designers to bring their games to players while still designing his own projects.
Visit Eric in Gaming Hall A, booth A105

 Guest of Honor:
Kenneth St. Andre

Kenneth Eugene St. Andre arrived on Earth shortly after midnight on April 28, 1947 in Ogden, Utah. He grew up and lived all his life in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ken’s main claim to fame as a game designer comes from his creation of Tunnels and Trolls in 1975. It was the second rpg actually published in the USA. Ken published it himself at the Arizona State University print shop in June in an edition of 100 copies. He only beat Empire of the Petal Throne into print by a couple of weeks and M.A.R. Barker’s game was by far the more impressive offering. In an effort to unload the excess copies not needed by his gaming friends in Phoenix, Ken asked Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo to take them to Origins and try selling them there for $1 each. Rick kindly agreed and to his surprise managed to sell them all. When he returned from the Con, Rick made a deal with Ken to make Flying Buffalo the official publisher and promoter of T & T.  That lucky deal has insured the survival of the game.

Ken still lives in Phoenix, still does things for and with Flying Buffalo, still creates new games and new modules for his older games, still tends to get in trouble from time to time. Ken still owns the copyright to Tunnels & Trolls. And he doesn’t intend to quit doing any of those things any time in the near future. 
Visit Ken in the Exhibit Hall, booth 408


Artist Guest of Honor:
Tony Steele

Tony Steele, was born in his skull and daily drive a meat suit around in the land of Michigan. He’s been a professional artist more than 20 years with the mighty powers of graphic design and illustration under his belt. He’s always been interested in comics and role-playing games and the art that goes into them from an early age and he absolutely loves making monsters and putting a bit of humor in his work.

His quest to bring a little humor and weirdness to this little blue marble has taken him all over and he has met so many amazing people who have given him many new ways to be weird. He’s done inking for comic books (with REAL ink even.), concept art and storyboards for movies and music videos, art for card games, RPG books, T-shirt design and a mountain of custom pieces for the wonderful people that encourage his behavior at conventions

His plan for world domination is to have his art fondly remembered and to bring hope, humor and gooseflesh to his fellow meat wagons and he’s not going to stop till they pry the pencil from his cold, dead hand.
Visit Tony in the Exhibit Hall, booth 653

Designer Guest of Honor:
Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott is a Seattle based game designer. From 1995-2005 Mike worked for Wizards of the Coast doing design on expansions for Magic the Gathering and many other games. Mike has designed over 50 games including 20 trading card games. Two of his trading card games, Duel Masters and Battle Spirits, are among the top selling trading card games in Japan and have combined for retail sales over 1.5 billion dollars since they launched. Mike designed the Thunderstone deckbuilding line, which includes the recent Thunderstone Quest version. His other designs include Quarriors!, the Dice Masters line which now includes 6 brands, Star Trek Fleet Captains, and Shadowrun Crossfire.

Mike’s work outside of tabletop games includes the online Cardjitsu trading card game for the Disney Club Penguin website and work on the Blizzard Hearthstone online trading card game. Over the years, Mike has worked with over a dozen publishers and has worked on over 20 licensed brands. For the last 12 years he has worked as a freelance designer. An anime character based on Mike appeared in the Battle Spirits anime series. Mike was inducted into the AAGAD Hall of Fame at Origins in 2017.
Mike’s location at the Origins Game Fair coming soon!