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Origins Art Expo

Thank you to all of our 2016 exhibiting artists! Interested in exhibiting at Origins 2017? Applications are coming soon and will be posted here. 


Origins has always been proud of its artists, showcasing the talents of industry professional and amateur artists alike. You can visit the Origins Art Expo in the Exhibit Hall. Many featured artists will be present to talk over their pieces with you, sell you some of their work, or put together a composition  of your favorite character or monster on the spot to take home.

2016 Attending Artists

Charles Urbach

Ed Beard

Kat G. Birmelin

Mike Bocianowski

Tina Bongorno

Jeff Carlisle

Andy Hopp

Heather V. Krieter

Lance T. Miller

Amy Nagi

David Lee Pancake

Kelli Stakenas

Tony Steele

Steve Vihtelic

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