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Origins By Night

The podcast is broadcast from Big Bar On 2 in the Hyatt during Origins. Recording live at Big Bar On 2 beginning at 8pm!

Lone shark Live

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Hosted by:

 Mike Selinker, Lone Shark Games

James Ernest, Cheapass Games

Paul Peterson, Lone Shark Games 




Listen here! 


Thursday – June 16, 2016


Stephan Brissaud, IELLO North America (0:20:22)

Mike Mearls, Wizards of the Coast D&D (0:38:56)

Avonelle Wing, Double Exposure (0:56:50)

Chris O’Neill, 9th Level Games (1:10:40)

Anne-Marie De Witt, Fireside Games (1:15:09)

Matt Loter, Prettiest Princess Games & Isaias Vallejo, Daily Magic Games (1:26:10)

Derek Guder, Gen Con  & Nelly Steiner (1:48:08)

Ray & Nicki Wehrs, Calliope Games (2:01:13)

Steve Ellis, Rainy Day Games (2:22:30)

Marie Poole, Lone Shark Games (2:35:00)


Friday, June 17, 2016


Jay Tummelson, Rio Grande Games (0:06:57)

Ken Hite, Pelgrane Press (0:21:00)

Dave Schwimmer, Pokémon (0:41:55)

Shane Ivey, ArcDream Publishing (0:54:44)

Larry Roznai, Mayfair Games (1:07:57)

Michelle Nephew & John Nephew, Atlas Games (1:30:00)

Amber Cook & Rhea Friesen, Steve Jackson Games (1:48:25)

Sean Lashgari, UltraPro & John Wick, John Wick Presents (2:07:52)

Alex Yeager, Mayfair Games & Shari Spiro, Ad Magic/Breaking Games (2:35:16)


Saturday, June 18, 2016


Part 1:

JR Honeycutt, Artana Games (9:10)

Erik Mona, Paizo Publishing (24:10)

Christopher Badell, Greater Than Games (35:02)

Chantelle Osman (51:18)

Mike Stackpole (56:20)

 John Ward, GAMA (1:00:30)

Part 2:

Justin Ziran, Stephanie Gelband, & Zev Shlashinger, WizKids (1:00)

Joshua Githens, Czech Games Edition (14:58)

Phil Lacefield, Jr., JBM Press (34:15)

Adam Clark & Meloney Buehl, Kicktraq (45:49)

Steve Port, Legion Supplies (1:03:19)

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