Columbus, OH- Origins Game Fair and True Dungeon have announced a three-year partnership.

True Dungeon made its first appearance at Origins Game Fair in 2017. Attendees were immersed into a world full of monsters, intricate puzzles, and battles that require different skills and abilities from their whole team. It’s a live-action dungeon experience that puts you in the center of the excitement, and the team of True Dungeon is setting up its season finale at Origins!

The True Dungeon “grand finale” will bring the four adventures from the season with worlds based on the literary writings of fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss. To add even more excitement to the finale, True Dungeon is adding a new room to each adventure during Origins 2018!

“Our team is very excited to be working with best-selling author, Patrick Rothfuss, to present two new adventures based in his fantasy world at Origins,” said Jeff Martin, True Dungeon Creator and Executive Director.

The “Moongate Maze” and “Dancing Among Stones” adventures bring us into the story of “The KingKiller Chronicles,” by Rothfuss. Explore the Fae, a parallel reality inhabited by faeries and other creatures, and see what events unfold in the Waystone Inn, a well-stocked inn located in the middle of a remote village.

Adventurers at Origins will also have the chance to experience a never-before-seen full adventure packed with fan favorite rooms from True Dungeon’s past and get their hands on new participation tokens, made specifically for Origins, at the end of their dungeon run. If you’ve never experienced True Dungeon, the grand finale is the opportune moment to venture through an amazing world that feels as if it has jumped from the pages of an epic fantasy.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with True Dungeon and bring grand adventures to Origins fans for another three years,” said John Ward, GAMA Executive Director.

Join the adventure at Origins Game Fair, June 13-17, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Pre-registration for Origins Game Fair is open! Tickets for True Dungeon at Origins go live April 22, at Noon CST. Visit www.originsgamefair to register your badge and check on updates for all Origins events.