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By registering your badge online early, you can enjoy Early Bird badge pricing and avoid long line waits onsite by picking up your badge at any pre-registration counter.


Where’s My Badge?crit-dice-2

You can pre-register online or wait to register at the show; but either way, all badges, tickets, ribbons, and generics are available for pick up at the registration area onsite. You can click the button below to learn more about registration hours, where to pick up or register badges, cancellation and refund policy, and more.learn-more

Types of Badges

There are many different types of Origins badges to choose from. Here you will find the badge type that is most appropriate for you. All of the badges, unless otherwise indicated, allow full access entry to Origins for all 5 days of the show. Hover over each badge to find out more about it.

Pre-reg Price: $55 Onsite Price: $65

Pre-reg Price: $35 Onsite Price: $35

Pre-reg Price: $20 Onsite Price: $25

Pre-reg Price: $35 Onsite Price: $35

Pre-reg Price: N/A Onsite Price: $20

Pre-reg Price: $0 Onsite Price: $0

Pre-reg Price: $35 Onsite Price: $35

The following badges are not for general purchase but are available to specific show participants.

Ribbon Program

The Origins Ribbon Program is a great way to play in an area for one price for the whole show! Purchasing a ribbon allows you unlimited play in events or areas covered by the associated ribbon. You can also get tickets to associated events at no cost. The registration system will automatically discount your event tickets if you purchase the ribbon first then add associated events to it. Seating for ribboned events are prioritized as follows. 1. Ticket holders (this includes $0 event tickets purchased with a ribbon), 2. Attendees with ribbons (do not need generics or tickets), 3. Attendees with generics.

The following is a list of 2016 Ribbons:

Company Sponsored Areas

1. Mayfair ($20) – Grants access to the Mayfair Games room. D Hall events (Catan North American Championship Tournament Qualifier) are excluded.
2. Rio Grande (Free) – Grants access to the Rio Grande room featuring their events. This ribbon is free of charge and only available in the Rio Grande room at the show.
3. Upper Deck ($20) – Grants access to the Upper Deck area.

Origins Program Areas

1. Amtgard ($20) – Unlimited play in Amtgard events.
2. Board Room ($20) – Grants access to the Board Room. Open tabletop gaming using the CABS’ library of over 700 titles.
3. Origins After Dark ($10) – Unlimited play in the Origins After Dark events. These events begin at 6pm each evening and are geared towards our 18+ attendees.
4. Puffing Billy ($20) – Play in all Puffing Billy train game events in the TGA area.
5. War College ($20) – Grants access to select seminars – see the Event Grid for event listings.
6. Werewolf ($15) – Allows free entry to all “Are You a Werewolf” events. NEW! All social deception games in the Werewolf area are accessible with this ribbon.

Event Tickets and Generics

Event Tickets – An attendee must have a badge to purchase event tickets. Refunds for event tickets will only be issued if the event is cancelled (the event ticket MUST be signed by the applicable Area Manager at the event HQ to receive this refund).
Generics – Generics can be used to get into events with open spots (ticket holders and attendees with ribbons will be seated first). Unused generics can be returned for a refund by 4pm Sunday. Generics cannot be purchased by attendees with the Family Day Pass wristband.

Allows all access entry to the show for all five days.
Discount badge for teachers. Id and credentials required at the show.
Allows all access entry to Origins for the selected day of the show.
Discount badge for military personnel (active duty, reservist or retiree only). Military id required at the show.
Allows limited access to people attending as a family (2 adults and up to 4 children under 18. Limited access does not allow entry into paid events unless otherwise noted.

Learn more about Family Day Passes

Free badge for children 9 or under. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Child must be present when picking up their badge.

Parents – The back of your child’s badge includes a place for you to include your Badge ID # and contact phone number for while you are at the show. For your child’s safety, please remember to fill these out.

Discount badge for registered members of Origins clubs. Registrants must be on current membership lists previously submitted by approved Origins Clubs to qualify.
Free badge for attendees volunteering 16 or more hours. All volunteers must apply to Origins and upon approval will be provided with an access code to use when registering for the show.

Learn more about being an Origins Volunteer

Free game master badge for attendees running 16 or more event hours at the show. All events must be submitted to origins and upon approval the attendee will be provided with an access code to use when registering for the show.

Learn more about being an Origins GM

Available to GAMA retail members. Retail membership includes 2 free badges to the show. Visit for more information.
For attendees participating in the Origins Art Show.
Badges for exhibitors at the show. Each 10’x10′ exhibit space earns 2 free exhibitor badges. Additional exhibitor badges are available for $50 each.
Badges for attendees reporting on the show. Press badges must be approved by Origins.

Learn more about applying for a Press Badge