Sunday is Family Day at the Origins Game Fair. Family Day Passes will be available only on Sunday, June 18. Family Day Pass attendance to the show is $20 for the day.

Family Day Passes can only be purchased on Sunday at Origins. They are not available during pre-registration. Please keep in mind that these passes are limited access and do not allow you to play in any ticketed games or “pay to play” events at the show unless specified below. Family Day Pass Attendees (wristbands) will not be able to purchase generics.

A family is up to 2 adults and 4 children (under 18) The Family Day Pass does allow access into all non-ticketed events, such as:

  • Entry to the Exhibit Hall
  • Participation in Open Gaming
  • BattlePods (Requires purchase of sessions. Sessions can be purchased at the BattlePod area)