Pre-registration for Origins 2014 is now Closed.

Pre-registration for Origins 2014 is now Closed.

You may register for badges, events, ribbons, and generics at the show.

Onsite Registration

Badges can also be purchased onsite at the time of the show. For a complete description of Origins badge types please visit the Badges page.

Getting Your Badge

Registrants picking up or purchasing badges at Origins must show a valid picture ID with a name that matches the one on the badge (additional credentials are required for discounted badges). A family member may pick up all the badges for his or her family. Attendees must display their badges at all times.

Origins accepts Cash, Money Orders, Travelers Checks & Credit Cards Credit Card Logos with valid picture ID.

Onsite Registration Hours

Wednesday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (all generics must be refunded by 5pm

Navigating Registration at the Show

Below you will find all of the registration stations and what services are available at each.

Onsite Registration

The following badges can be purchased here;

 Full Show Badges ($65)
One Day Badges ($20)
Child Badges* ($0)
Club Badges ($35)
Educator Hall Passes ($35)
Military Badges ($35)
Retailer Badges ($0)
Ribbons (varies)
Generics ($2)
Family Day Passes (credit card only) on Sunday only

Family Day Pass Window (cash only)

Family Day Passes ($15) are purchased here on Sunday only.


All pre-registered items can be picked up here including badges, ribbons, event tickets and generics. Photo id required for badge pickup, proper credentials required for Military Badges and Educator Hall Passes.

Customer Service

This is where we can answer your questions, resolve any issues that may arise and apply refunds when applicable.

GM/Event HQ

Pick up pre-registered GM Badges (including all pre-registered ribbons, event tickets and generics) and GM Packets with event materials. Additional GM Badges and Child Badges* can be purchased here.

Event Registration †

Register for events onsite. Event tickets and generics are purchased here.

Exhibitor Registration

Pickup pre-registered Exhibitor Badges and Child Badges*. Additional Exhibitor Badges and Child Badges* can be purchased here.

Show Office (room c112)

The following pre-registered badges (including all pre-registered ribbons, event tickets and generics) can be picked up here;

Artist Badges
Child Badges*
Guest of Honor Badges
Press Badges
Special Guest Badges
Volunteer Badges

*Child Badges

Pre-registered child badges have the child’s first name omitted from the badge and replaced by the word ‘Child’. Although Origins requires its attendees to have their real names on their badges, this exception is permissible. Onsite registrants getting a badge for their children may order the badge for ‘Child’.

Parents – The back of your child’s badge includes a place for you to include your Badge ID # and contact phone number for you while you are at the show. For your child’s safety, please remember to fill these out.

†Event Tickets and Generics

Event Tickets – An attendee must have a badge to purchase event tickets. Event tickets can be refunded up until the start of the event (some restrictions apply). Tickets can be refunded after an event if the event is cancelled (the event ticket MUST be signed by the applicable Area Manager at the event HQ to receive this refund).

Generics – Generics can be used to get into events with open spots (ticket holders and attendees with ribbons will be seated first). Unused generics can be returned for a refund by 5pm Sunday. Generics cannot be purchased by attendees with the Family Day Pass wristband.