We are proud to host True Dungeon for the first time at Origins!

Since this is our first time hosting, we wanted to outline three easy steps:

  1. Purchase your badge. All events at Origins (including True Dungeon) need a badge. Please note you have to complete your badge to access True Dungeon events.  If it says incomplete you will not be able to access True Dungeon events.                                               Click here to purchase or access your badge. 
  2. Click Reg Info and select True Dungeons in the drop down box.  This will take you to a chronological list of True Dungeon Events.

  3. Select the True Dungeon event, time and quantity you wish to purchase.  YES, you may purchase up to ten (10) tickets at a time for this event on your single badge.

Before you check out, you can add additional events to your badge so you can enjoy the full experience at Origins!

Thank you for joining us at Origins!