This year’s theme for Origins is Monsters. The submission deadline is March 1, 2014.

Please Note:
Demo Games are only to be run either 1) at a booth in the exhibit hall; 2) space designated in a sponsorship agreement. Demo games should not be listed on the event schedule and are to be free to attendees. Demos are games that are shown to the perspective buyer to allow them to understand the game mechanics they do not constitute a “full” session of the game. This does not include games run for beginners, where rules are taught, but are played to their conclusion.
Tournaments – GMs running events as tournaments will need to report to Origins the name of the winners of your tournaments.
Events that do not run – Origins is happy to provide GMs with compensation for the time they spend supporting our show. Currently, Origins policy is to credit GMs before the show for events submitted and accepted. To make the approach work optimally for all concerned, when a scheduled event does not run, the GM is responsible to check in at the area headquarters. GMs may be asked to assist in other ways during the period in which their event would have run.

Here are the GM guidelines and the events submission form (please use the 2014 Event Submission form for this year’s submissions as there are a number of significant changes to the forms to make it more compatible with the new registration system):

2014 GM Instructions/Guidelines (.doc)
2014 GM Compensation Info (.doc)
2014 ONLINE Event Submission form

Submissions must be submitted using the online form or emailed using the excel spreadsheet to our Registration & Events Coordinator at registration(at) There are no other accepted avenues for submissions. If you have any questions or problems, please call the office at (614) 255-4500 or email us at the email above.

Thanks again for being part of our family and making Origins a great event!

Event Submission Schedule
Taking submissions Now
Notification of receiving event submission Now
Calculate compensation for badges/hotels/vouchers March 1
Publish grids/Final GM review April 1

GMs, if you did NOT receive confirmation of your event submissions within 2 business days of submission, please contact registration(at)