Origins is always on the lookout for great volunteers! If you have any questions about volunteering at our show please contact us at convention@gama.org.

You can sign up to volunteer by filling out the online VOLUNTEER FORM. As always, Origins greatly appreciates the time and hard work our volunteers contribute to the show. We couldn’t do it without you!

At GAMA, we work hard and we play hard. Come join our volunteer family and find out what the show is really all about. Many of our volunteers have been with us for years – and hopefully will be with us for years to come! Volunteers are ranked by year and are recognized every year at our volunteer party, which happens on the Sunday evening of Origins. All volunteers receive a volunteer tee-shirt.

16 hour Origins Volunteers: Each year an attendees registers as a 16 hour volunteer they are compensated for their badge. If a 16 hour volunteer pre-registers, they will have a badge waiting for them at the show. A volunteer may request the location that they wish to work, but it is not guaranteed.

32 hour Origins Volunteers: Each year an attendee registers as a 32 hour volunteer they qualify for their choice of compensation including; vouchers, hotel (with other volunteers), or an additional badge. A volunteer may request the location that they wish to work, but it is not guaranteed. A volunteer may also request a hotel roommate; however, the request must be confirmed as mutual. There is no guarantee Origins will be able to honor rooming requests but we will make every effort to do so.

Anyone who decides to volunteer after the show has started can stop by the show office for availability.

Origins also uses volunteers as Area Managers. If you are interested in volunteering as an Assistant or Area Manager please contact our volunteer coordinator at convention@gama.org.