White Wizard Games to Co-Sponsor 2019 Origins Game Fair

COLUMBUS, OH– Origins is thrilled to announce White Wizard Games as show co-sponsor of the 2019 Origins Game Fair! White Wizard games will be increasing opportunities to grab some free items, participate in events and win some amazing prizes at Origins. The Origins Game Fair will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, June 12-16, 2019.

“I am super excited to be sponsoring Origins at the highest level,” said Robert Dougherty, CEO of White Wizard Games. “I’ve been attending Origins for decades, first as an attendee then as an exhibitor, and it has always been one of my favorite shows. Origins was the first trade show we did with Star Realms, and the incredible response we got there from press and attendees was a big factor in Star Realms’ run-away success. It feels great to be a co-sponsor and to be giving back to the show that has given us so much over the years.”

White Wizard Games has been a part of Origins Game Fair for many years—supporting the show as a sponsor, providing great gaming experiences to attendees and having fantastic games available for purchase at their exhibit hall booth. They’ll be bringing all that and more to Origins Game Fair 2019! 



Want to play an epic card game? As a co-sponsor of Origins, White Wizard Games will be giving out a free copy of Epic Card Game to every attendee that stops by their booth. Get your copy and play sealed, draft, or constructed deck game play for up to 4 players. (While supplies last)



As co-sponsor White Wizard Games will also be giving away some serious cash prizes!  Players will compete to win their share of $20,000 at the Star Realms Origins $10K Championship and the Epic Card Game Origins $10K Championship. 



Finally, Hero Realms fans will have the opportunity to play in a Legend Series tournament, where the winner will have the opportunity to be featured in the artwork of a card in an upcoming set of Hero Realms! 

Hero Realms won Fan Favorite Card Game at the 2018 Origins Awards



Check out more about our co-sponsor White Wizard Games on the Origins website at www.originsgamefair.com or at www.whitewizardgames.com.  We’ll see you at Origins Game Fair, June 12-16, 2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH.