Attention GMs!

Event submission for the 2016 Origins Game Fair is now open! Visit the Game Masters page to find out more. learn-more

Origins 2015 Site Book Online!
Whether reliving memories from the show or checking out what you missed, you can peruse the 2015 Origins site book by following the link below. 2015 Origins Site Book

Origins 2016 Theme

What an amazing Origins! We want to say a huge thank you to the fans who come out and support us each year. So from the staff, volunteers, exhibitors and our show co-sponsor, Mayfair Games, THANK YOU!

We had great attendance this year! I know everyone’s waiting on the numbers:

· Unique attendance 15,938.

· Turnstile attendance was 43,791.

Thank you all again for supporting Origins and I look forward to seeing you next year! June 15-19th, 2016. Hotel blocks will open for reservations on Sept. 1st.

The Columbus Convention Center will be undergoing construction for Origins 2016. This means a few of your favorite events may be moving to a new space! Keep an eye out for updates…

Convention            Center


You’ve pre-registered for Origins. You’ve scoured the Event Grid, reserved your games and seminars, bought ribbons and generics. Or – you haven’t – and are waiting until you get there to register. Either way, you need to know how to get your badge once you’re at the show. Here’s a brief overview of the registration process at the Origins Game Fair. If you’ve never been to the show before, this will all be new to you. For those of you who are Origins veterans, you may notice a few things different from what you’re used to.


If you pre-register for Origins, shortly before the show you will receive an email with check-in instructions. This email includes a barcode that you can take to any pre-registration counter. Simply scan your barcode at the station. Once the attendant gives you your badge, move to the materials pick up area to get any ribbons or generics you may have purchased.

If you have registered for an Educators Hall Pass or Military badge, make sure to have your credentials handy. If you have registered a child badge, please have the child present at the time of check in.

Pre-registration for Origins will be open through Monday, June 1st. Barcode emails will be sent between May 25th and June 2nd.

Onsite Registration

There’s also good news for you if you want to register your badge onsite! Online badge registration will be open all five days of the show. This way, you can register for your badge using your computer, tablet, or phone before even reaching the registration counter. Simply have the registration attendant look up your record, add any ribbons, events, and generics you may want, and you are on your way that much faster.

If you register for an Educators Hall Pass or Military badge, make sure to have your credentials handy. If you register a child badge, please have the child present at the time of check in.

Adding Events, Ribbons, & Generics

Once you have picked up your badge and start enjoying the show, you may discover an event that you overlooked, decide that you want to pick up a ribbon for unlimited play, or grab some generics on the go. To purchase additional events, ribbons, or generics during the show, just visit any manned Onsite registration counter. Generics may also be purchased by any attendee with a badge at the generics cash only counter.

To register for Origins or for more information about badges, ribbons, and more, visit the registration page.