Origins Events

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Origins is all about a great play experience, and that means great games, or as we call them, events. Events cover a large variety of activities, but are not always focused on gaming.

There are large scale tournaments such as worlds, nationals, and regionals; as well as small scale casual events for beginners and experts alike.

To participate in for events, you will need a badge to the show and an event ticket, a ribbon, or some generics. To find out more about signing up for events please visit the FAQ page.

We’re excited to announce the events for Origins Game Fair 2017!¬†Click below to see the Event Grid!

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New this year!!!! Come join True Dungeon @ Origins!

CCGs/TCGs (Collectable Card Games/Trading card Games)

This type of game is played with a pre-constructed deck of specialized cards. There are also sessions of this game in which cards are given out in booster packs, and a deck is then constructed from those cards. Return to top


category mixture of Electronic Gaming, Anime, Entertainment, and Crafting events. Return to top

LARPs (Live Action Role-Playing)

This is a type of role-playing in which participants play through physical action. The participants often dress in costume for the character they are portraying as well. Return to top


A miniatures game uses small to large figures on a large terrain board. The figures are usually brought by the individual signing up for the events, and are painted in various styles in accordance with the owners tastes. Return to top

Origins University

This is the name we use for our Seminar Track. This will include art demonstrations/classes. Return to top

RPGs (Role-Playing Games)

This type of game usually involves a group of about 6 people using Character information sheets and dice to work through a storyline or scenario. A Game/Dungeon Master will be present to help/guide players through the quest. Return to top


This term refers to: board games, non collectible card games, dice games, tile-based games, etc (e.g. Catan, DC Comics Deck-building Game, Zombie Dice, and Carcassonne). Return to top