Origins Events

Interested in running an event at Origins?
We are in the process of improving our event submission system and volunteer comp program. Updates on the go-live date for event submission will be shared soon. Thank you for your patience! 

Origins is all about a great play experience, and that means great games, or as we call them, events. Events cover a large variety of activities, but are not always focused on gaming. There are many types of games and events for you to choose from.

Check out the 2017 event grid to see what kind of events we have at Origins Game Fair!


 Interested in Becoming a Game Master?
GMs running at least 16 event hours earn a free show badge. GMs running at least 32 event hours earn a free show badge and choice from the following compensation:

  • 1/4 hotel room – from Wednesday night to Sunday morning (shared with other GMs)
  • $60 in vouchers
  • Electric drop for your event area if applicable
  • Extra show badge
  • East lot parking pass

GMs and gaming clubs can combine their total event hours and volunteer hours to earn compensation.

Demo Games 
Demo games are only to be run either at a booth in the exhibit hall or a space designated in a sponsorship agreement. Demo games should not be listed on the event schedule and are to be free to attendees. Demos are games that are shown to the perspective buyer to allow them to understand the game mechanics, they do not constitute a “full” session of the game. This does not include games run for beginners, where rules are taught, but are played to their conclusion.
GMs running events as tournaments will need to report to Origins the name of the winners of your tournaments.
Events that do not run 
Origins is happy to provide GMs with compensation for the time they spend supporting our show. Currently, Origins policy is to credit GMs before the show for events submitted and accepted. To make the approach work optimally for all concerned, when a scheduled event does not run, the GM is responsible to check in at the area headquarters. GMs may be asked to assist in other ways during the period in which their event would have run.

To calculate your event hours at Origins, us the following formula:
Event Duration x Multiplier = Event Hours
The tabletop and seminar compensation columns have changed. Please be sure to take a moment to recalculate any totals you previously worked out with the new multipliers
To determine your Multiplier, find the category for your events on the chart below and index the number of players with the “Multiplier” column.

Multiplier RPG Miniature Tabletop CCG/TCG LARP Seminar
0.5 1-4 x 1-5 1-4 x x
1 5-10 1-4 6-10 5-8 1-6 x
1.5 x x 11-15 9-16 x x
2 11-20 5-8 16-20 17-32 7-12 x
2.5 x x 21-25 33-64 x x
3 21-30 9-12 26-30 65-128 13-18 x
3.5 x x 31-35 129-250 x x
4 31-50 13-20 36-40 250+ 19-24 1-100+
4.5 x x 41-45 x x x
5 51-100 21-30 46-50 x 25-35 x
5.5 x x 51-55 x x x
6 101-200 31-50 56-60 x 36-50 x
6.5 x x 61-65 x x x
7 201+ 51-100 66-70 x 51-75 x
7.5 x x 71-75 x x x
8 x 101+ 76-80 x 76-100 x
8.5 x x 81-85 x x x
9 x x 86-90 x 101-150 x
9.5 x x 91-95 x x x
10 x x 96-100 x 151+ x
10.5 x x 100+ x x x